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I’ve got only twenty days left until I leave for Tokyo.  I’m excited, scared, feeling unprepared, but READY to be going.  I’ve received TONS of advice about where to go, what to do, what things I need to bring (and what I don’t).  I’m still sticking with my “making it up as I go” plan, which I’m sure will be frustrating at times, but more liberating than having a strict tourism plan and schedule.

It’s been requested that I do a version of NPR’s “Sandwich Monday” where I find a fast food place that is common in California, but sample a menu item that would NEVER be found there.  So watch this space for “Foreign Fast Food Mondays!”


  1. YAY Sandwich Mondays! I can’t wait to see what you find.

  2. Looking forward to checking out your site daily.

    • Can’t quite promise updates EVERY day, but definitely frequently!

  3. Woot! Very excited for you, it’s gonna be amazing.

  4. I am Darne’s Best Friend Ernestine and we met at Little Darne’s House sometime back and wish you good luck and lots of fun on your journey. Look forward to reading all about your adventure.

  5. Best wishes to you on your journey. Your mom told me about this trip and I thought it was awesome! I went to Japan just last year and love your idea about going to familiar places. I don’t know if you are aware of a place called Yoshinoya Beef Bowl in the states (I think they primarily have them in California), but the original chain started in Japan. Needless to say they have some very different (and tasty) items for sale you can’t get here. You’ve gotta try it. I didn’t eat there, but I understand the McDonald’s is different there too (as it is in many places). Hope you have a wonderful time!

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