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Have arrived safely in Tokyo.  Sadly, I didn’t realize that I was arriving during the summer rainy season.  So after figuring out how to take the train from the airport to Tsudanuma, getting lost, in the rain, without an umbrella…  Fortunately Takae happened to find me while I was walking back through the station after figuring out that I’d gone out the wrong side…

Takae and Patric are the couple I’m staying with in Tsudanuma, with their two boys aged 3 and 5.  They’re good people and have made me feel very much at home in their home.

It’s about 9:20 pm local time here, and I’ve been up since around 7am Tuesday PST…  I think I’m gonna have to pass out soon.

Tomorrow is a new day, not sure yet what I’ll be doing, but I’ll come up with something.


  1. Glad to see the update. Relax, explore, enjoy – now you’re really on vacation!

  2. Hope you’ve managed to get some rest and dry out a bit!

  3. I suggest buying an umbrella. An umbrella that is also a giant robot.

  4. I love love love having these updates. Embrace the wet! It’s also monsoon season in India. Hopefully that’ll keep the air a bit clearer maybe? And the world around you a bit sparkly 🙂

    • I’ve been fortunate since Wednesday night. The past couple days have been cloudy and overcast with patches of sun, but no more rain.

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