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All right,  Darne. Here’s the first Foreign Fast Food Friday installment. Today we get KFC,  from Mitaka Ward,  outside of Tokyo.


As you can see,  pretty normal fare. There wasn’t anything unusual to be found on the menu, so it’s just chicken,  fries, and a coke (and a little pony meat thrown in for flavor).

The good: Tastes almost just like home. Definitely has The Colonels 11 herbs and spices. The breading tasted a little different,  but not significantly so.

The bad: If you can call it bad… I like the potato wedges we get in America much better than the french fries I found here.

In closing: This kinda sucks for my first installment of this feature! I looked around,  and couldn’t find McFugu anywhere! Hopefully I find something more unusual next week in Hong Kong.

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  1. Thank you for taking the challenge I look forward to more “weird” Friday food.

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