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I will not much miss Hong Kong.  I really could have seen everything I wanted to in 2-3 days, 7 was way more than I needed.  At the bottom of this post are my pictures from Sunday, where I took a bus tour of “Introduction to Hong Kong”.

The bus tour took us to the top of Victoria Peak, which had some very nice views of the whole Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  And shopping.  Then it took us to a Jewelry manufacturer to show us how jewelry was made, except that it was Sunday and no one was working.  Except for the sales people.  Then we went to Aberdeen to see the fishing village.  One of the fishermen took us out on his boat and drove us around the harbor to show us how the fishermen lived out there.  If it weren’t for the rain, it might have been pleasant.  We then were taken to Stanley Rd., another avenue full of… you guessed it… shopping.

Yesterday, Monday, I spent the day in, avoiding going out and trying not to spend more money.  I did go to the tailor for a final suit fitting (love it!) and decided to go catch a movie.  I went to see Despicable Me 2 at the theater attached to Kowloon station, and that was totally worth while.  The minions again steal the show.

If ever I feel the need to come back to Hong Kong, I’m bringing a budget and luggage the size of a small closet.  As a tourist, it was mostly uninteresting.  Seeing the big Buddha was really cool, and I’d have liked it more if the whole area surrounding it hadn’t been so commercialized.  It just seemed to cheapen the significance of the landmark.  I hadn’t realized just how commercial Hong Kong is.  If I had known, I likely would have skipped it altogether.

Now I’m sitting in the Hong Kong International Airport, waiting for my flight to Delhi.  I think I’m going from +15 hours from home time to +12.5 hours from home time.  I’m getting closer!

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  1. Looks like you got some nice photos @ Victoria Peak. I guess you’ll know what to expect of HK if you ever need to make a business trip. Bon voyage for your next leg of travel.

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