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So I’ve realized that I’m a few days behind here…  I visited the modern art museum, the Norse museum, the museum of art and design…

I also took a couple days off to spend time off of my foot, which had been causing me great amounts of pain.  I apparently spent $70 USD on the crappiest insoles in Denmark.  I have now found better insoles and am doing much better.

The Modern Art Museum had lots of fascinating exhibits.  I’ve always enjoyed looking at modern art, have frequently visited the SFMOMA.  It was interesting to see what qualified as “modern art” in a completely different country.  The featured artist, I think I’ve seen before, apparently was full of issues (as many artists tend to be).  I didn’t like her style much, honestly.

I also visited the Norse Museum, which apparently was intended to include works from all of Scandinavia, but only Sweden actually participated in donating to the museum.  So, they really ought to rename it, but whatever.  It had a lot of displays about the evolution of Swedish life over the past couple hundred years.  Also included a large exhibit about the Swedish native people, whose name I’ve now forgotten (sorry!).

I wouldn’t mind visiting Stockholm again one day, but next time I want to find a flat that’s closer to… well, anything.  The place I was at was a 1km walk to either of two train stations, and then I’d have to take the train to find food, drink or entertainment of any kind.  Not even a convenience store nearby.

I’m now landed safely in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I’m sharing a flat with a pretty awesome group of people here.  Look forward to finding fun things to do here!


  1. Would love to know more about the costume/fashion exhibit. Be sure to visit the Scottish National Museum & it’s rooftop.

    • The museum of art and design was having an exhibition of the work of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Dude does amazing work. Impractical, but amazing.

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