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Normally I put the “where I went today” in the title of a post, but I was kinda all over the place today.  I took the Hop-on/Hop-off bus tour from Central Station around the city, then a canal boat tour, then wandered my way into a jazz festival (3 different stages), and over to Nyhavn.

The Hop-on/Hop-off bus tour was nice, but I didn’t really find it to be worth the money.  If you have a brain and can figure out the transit system (not hard), you can get to everywhere it takes you, and you’re not limited by the 11am – 6pm time frame.  I took the bus around for a while, seeing some places I might want to go back to if I have time, but ended up hopping off at the dock for the canal tour.

The canal tour was totally worth the whatever I paid for it.  We got to see some very pretty areas of Copenhagen from the boat, and again, some things that I may want to come back to.  I had fun waving at the people on their boats or out on the shores sunning themselves.  After the boat tour, I went for a walk to find a beer.  I successfully found beer, but also stumbled into a jazz festival.  Over the course of my wanderings, I found 3 different stages, and a canal tour boat with one of the jazz bands performing on board.  I’m not sure what part of town I was in, but there was a lot of shopping, many street performers and buskers, and a few human statues out and about.

I stopped to watch a street magician for a bit, and by virtue of being loud(est) when he asked us to be loud, I got cast in the show as his “Uncle Yann, who shows up to all his shows”.  He gave me a couple hugs for being slightly obnoxious, half a Coke that he made appear out of his shoe, and I gave him 50 DKK (a good tip, and the smallest denomination I had on me.  I had to give him something.)

After a Skype call with some folks back home, showing them around wherever I was, I found the road to Nyhavn.  This is a small harbor, and is probably one of the most commonly depicted areas of the city for tourism.  There was another jazz festival stage, lots of people, lots of food, all that you’d expect from a popular area in the middle of a festival.  I walked down to the end of the pier and sat for a bit admiring the water and hanging my feet out over the edge.

By this time, I started to make my way back to Central, got some dinner, and headed back to my rented flat.  Overall, a very good day.  May have to check out some of the places I only drove past tomorrow.  Or possibly Tivoli Gardens.  We’ll see where my whims take me…

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  1. Some wonderful twisty towers. You’ll need to tell us about unique food.

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