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I almost forgot it was Friday! Fortunately, McDonalds is there for me and open 24 hours! And in Hong Kong, they even deliver!

Well, I didn’t actually take advantage of McDelivery. I found something slightly more interesting this time. A Teriyaki Chicken Rice Fun Bowl.


The chicken is mediocre, like a Costco chicken patty that’s been doused with teriyaki sauce. The rice is dry and bland, with little niblets of corn thrown in for flavor. Sad to say, I think the broccoli is the best part of this.

6/10 not the worst fast food I’ve ever had, but it’s also not the best. Worth every penny of the $4.50 USD I paid for it. Can I go get some real food now?

Fun fact on the McD I found. It’s less fast food style atmosphere, more Starbucks with comfy chairs and tables not designed for actually eating at.

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