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Yesterday I went to visit the Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue) statue and wander where my feet would take me.  Today I visited Tivoli Gardens for a couple hours.

The Little Mermaid statue was, well, it’s a historic landmark for Denmark, but it really wasn’t all that impressive nor was it worth the 1km walk from the metro station.  The tour buses take you much closer and make it a much shorter walk, but still…

Discovery of the day:  The Hop-on/Hop-off bus drivers don’t actually look closely at your pass.  I hopped on with Saturday’s pass and he didn’t even question it.  This same goes for the 72-hour metro/bus pass, only once has a driver actually looked at the date stamp on my pass.  Also, if you have the 72-hour metro/bus pass, then EVERY bus and train are your Hop-on/Hop-off bus, just without the audio tour.

Today I spent the morning doing business, going to a printer to print out my COBRA coverage forms, booking train/flights for my next couple cities, booking lodgings in said cities…

This afternoon I went to Tivoli Gardens.  It’s one part carnival midway games, one part children’s fairyland, one part Great America rides.  And about three parts food.  It cost 95 DKK just to get in, food was priced about the same as places outside the park, and it was another 25 DKK for a single ride or 199 DKK for unlimited rides.  I didn’t actually go on any of the rides, I didn’t see any that I thought would be worth the money to me.

I’m starting to get peopled out a bit.  I still love Copenhagen, but don’t much feel like being touristy.


  1. Yay little mermaid statue and Bastardo Coffee?!

    • I totally took the “Bastardo Coffee” picture for Chris.

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