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After the SUPER FAST ride on the Shinkansen bullet train, I arrived in Nagoya with no real idea what to do.  Thank goodness for TripAdvisor, the mobile app and the website.

I looked around Nagoya around the station for a short while, but it was just more shopping.  Found myself some lunch, then started poking the internets for things to do in Nagoya.  I then found out about Nagoya Castle.  Finally!  A real Japanese castle!  I was excited and just had to check it out.  It was gorgeous, and parts of it had recently undergone a restoration.  The palace had been completely burned down, and they were just starting to give partial tours of the rebuilt palace.  One of the keeps is open to the public, and has been turned into a museum on the inside, with a wonderful collection of history and artifacts from throughout the lifetime of the castle.  I continue to be impressed by Japanese craftsmanship and its ability to stand up to the ravages of time.  I can only imagine what was involved in building such a structure in the 1500’s.

The city of Nagoya is another big city, much like Tokyo, but it’s my opinion that it’s less designed for tourists.  I had a lot more trouble figuring out how to get around than I did in Tokyo and its suburbs.  Thankfully there was a very kind gentleman who helped me get from Nagoya Station to the castle (a bus ride and 1km walk away from one another).  I couldn’t convince him that all I needed was to be sure I was on the right bus, that my GPS would show me the rest of the way, but so it goes.  Thank you, kind stranger.

Tomorrow is my flight to Hong Kong.  I probably won’t be doing much (if any) tourism tomorrow as I’m hoping to wash my clothes before I pack them and I have to leave for Narita Airport from Tsudanuma by probably 2pm in order to be the required amount of early for my 5pm flight.

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