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I know a lot of these posts seem to be “and then I wandered”, but really, that’s kinda my M.O. for how I’m handling this trip.  I pick a place, pick a direction, and see what I can find that looks interesting.  If I don’t find anything, then I go somewhere else and try again, or I consult my pants computer to see if IT knows of anything interesting nearby.

Today was my first full day in Stockholm, Sweden.  I started by meeting the lady who’s hosting me (she wasn’t here when I got in, she just left a key outside and told me to let myself in).  She showed me some of the things about the place that I didn’t quite grasp and then showed me the best way to get to the metro station from here.  I’m staying in the basement of her home which is, no kidding, a converted bomb shelter.  There’s a 6″ thick door down here which separates the living/sleeping space from the kitchen/bathroom space.  Looks like the bathroom space also was a dark room at one point in its life.

Getting to the metro was easy enough.  Nice walk through a bit of park area, about a 1/2 mile or so walk.  I found that you can get a 7-day pass here that’s good for the subway, metro and bus systems.  Not too shabby.

I took the metro to the Stockholm Central Station and set out for my wander.  I found an old district with lots of touristy crap for sale, found a cafe where I sat down and had a cinnamon roll and some juice for breakfast, and found the Nobel Museum.

The Nobel Museum is dedicated to recognition of the recipients of the Nobel prizes since the creation of the prize.  It was a bit depressing looking at a lot of the pictures of war, poverty and despondency that many of the Nobel recipients have worked hard to stop or fix.  The museum is small, took less than half an hour to walk all the way through and read all the signs, but there are films you can sit and watch or interactive displays where you can read up on every recipient if you want to spend more time.  Overhead in the museum is a rotating display of each recipient on a banner and what they won their prize for.  There are so many banners up there, that I suspect it would take a day or more for it to rotate through them all.

After the Nobel Museum, I found myself at the Royal Palace.  I happened to show up right before noon, when the daily changing of the guard exhibition takes place!  Lots of pomp and circumstance for a routine.  A band playing music, people shouting orders, marching around…  Was cool to watch, but it went on a bit long.

I then decided to seek out a Harley Dealership that Jen told me about.  No particular reason why, but no good reason why not, either!  Looked around the shop, chatted with the guy behind the counter.  Turns out he was out in Pleasanton at the Alameda County Fair just last month!  Small world…

Next I went back to Stockholm Central Station, remembering that I’d seen signs about a free shuttle to Ikea.  Figured “while in Sweden”, right?  As expected, it was the largest Ikea I’d ever seen, the showroom was 3 floors!  I felt that it was required that I have some Swedish meatballs while I was there, so I obliged my inner voices on that one.

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  1. I’ve now set up your Flicker feed as my screensaver on my TV , so look forward to watching the scroll. My friends enjoyed it during bookgroup on Monday.

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