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I am so smart.  S-M-R-T.  I have had a couple of technical difficulties here in Sweden, but have been smarter than the tech so far.

1) Cellular SIM card is too large for my phones!  Oh noes!  The card sold to me by the 7-11 was designed only for older phones that take the full-size SIM.  I have with me, my Galaxy S4 which takes a micro SIM, and my iPhone 5 which takes a nano SIM.  Standard is larger than micro which is larger than nano.  RIGHT.  So through creative use of SCISSORS, I managed to trim the excess plastic off of the standard size SIM to make it fit in the micro size slot on my Galaxy S4, and it WORKED!

2) Wi-fi at the place I’m staying only BARELY makes it into 1/4 of the space I’m occupying, and not at all into the space I’m using the most.  (Wi-fi in the bathroom, not so useful.)  HOWEVER!  When I was in Tokyo, I picked up a “pocket router” on a whim.  It’s about the size of a deck of playing cards, but half the thickness.  It works as a wireless router, or an access point, or a client.  I bought it because it was cute, and you never know when it might be useful… Turns out that today was its day!  So now I have useful wireless in my place here in Sweden.  So I can write this post.


  1. *applause*

  2. I suppose the limited access is because the space at one time was a bomb shelter. You’re a star!

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