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Yesterday I left Delhi and am now settled in in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I could not be happier with my decision to come here.  The weather is perfect, the people are very polite and helpful, and everyone I’ve encountered spoke at least some English.

Today I spent the morning doing laundry, but once that was done I went into the center of town and visited Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum and the Carlsberg brewery museum.

Getting around Copenhagen is pretty easy, if you have a smartphone or a map.  Okay, let me stop right here…

If any of my readers ever consider taking a trip like this, I would say that my NUMBER ONE most useful tool has been the combination of a smartphone, a local SIM card with a data plan, and a backup battery.  Map programs built in to most smartphones work world-wide and have yet to send me to the wrong place.  I cannot overstate how useful this tool is to have.  Okay, back to it then.

I spent part of my morning (while the laundry tumbled) trying to figure out what to do in town.  I finally landed on going to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum as they had a special exhibit going on Degas and his process.  I suppose I should have put that off until Sunday as the museum is free on Sundays, but for 70 DKK, it wasn’t terribly expensive.

In addition to the special exhibit, they had an impressive collection of Greek, Roman and Egyptian carvings and statues.  I was impressed at the detail involved in many of these pieces, and how well they’ve stood up in the centuries since they were made.

The Degas exhibit was not terribly interesting.  I thought the most interesting bit was how they analyzed some of his pieces to see how they were created, and what he changed from what he had originally put on canvas.  What you see on a canvas when it’s done may be very different from what Degas started with.

After the museum, I went and found lunch.  No fast food for this Friday, I found a pub-like place with a quality burger and house-made beer.  Unfortunately, the waitress only spoke a smattering of English, so instead of lettuce on my burger, I got pickles.  But the beer was good.

I then ran a few errands, figured out the 72-hour city pass for public transit…  170 DKK for all public transit for 3 days.  Not a bad deal.  Once I got that done, I took the bus over to the Carlsberg brewery.

I had a little trouble finding the right entrance, and I think I ended up entering via the exit.  I also walked through the entire exhibition without having bought a ticket.  Once I realized that I’d done that, I did go buy my ticket and drink my two free beers that come with it.  The Carlsberg Dark Lager was so good, I had it for both of my tasters.

By this time, my phone was dead and I had forgotten the backup battery.  So I had to do a lot of walking, a fair bit of talking to locals and being the poor, lost foreigner, and about an hour later managed to find my way back home.  Tomorrow, I think I’ll do one of the “Hop On, Hop Off” bus tours, especially now that I know where they meet up at by the Central Station.


  1. I am so jealous of this trip. You are certainly having an amazing experience. Thank you for updating us often and telling us about it.

  2. I’m told by the newly acquired coworkers that many Danes do speak English and are quite proud to share their fluency. You’ll do fine. Also, Malmo (Sweden) is a subway ride away across the strait…so easy double-header if you have time and interest. (And I cannot tell you how jealous I am that you’re seeing more of Copenhagen than the airport…. ;P )

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