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In the spirit of Democracy, and since I’m already in Northern Europe, I’m going to let my readers vote on where I should go next before I go to Barcelona. I have two weeks to fill, so pick two cities. I’m closing the vote at 8am Monday, Copenhagen time so I have time to book my flights and find lodgings.

Where to spend the next 2 weeks?

  • Edinburgh, Scotland (64%, 14 Votes)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (32%, 7 Votes)
  • Dublin, Ireland (27%, 6 Votes)
  • Oslo, Norway (23%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 22

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  1. If you do go to Dublin, look for the Viking Duck Tour. Good amount of silly but also good overview history tour of the city. And Ireland is small, like 3 hours to drive right across the middle, so I would highly recommend a little hopping around to B&B’s so you can see things a little further out easily (Giants Causeway in the north, Ring of Kerry and Blarney Castle in the South East, etc.). Public transit outside of Dubin itself isn’t extensive so you may want to actually rent a car.

  2. We spent a day w/a bus tour of Edinburgh. I would have liked to spend time in High Street, visited at least one of the castles; really enjoyed the time on the parkland high above the city. Truly enjoyed the day we took a bus tour from the Glasgow side to a loch and a ride in an old steamboat on the loch. The countryside is beautiful. Wish we’d explored the Inverness area. I’d seek out bus routes/train schedules to get out into the countryside. Not sure you’ll find airbnb accommodations outside the big cities – but seek our what might be available. You might find a nice surprise. There’s castles and battlegrounds… Hadrian’s wall. If you were in August there’s the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which I know you’d enjoy. Look at TripAdvisor and get some ideas. Your cruise will include some Irish ports and possible excursions – correct?

    • In favor of Oslo – it’s getting few votes – but your Fredrickson ancestors came from a tiny town in Western Sweden that’s closer to Oslo than Stockholm – and the area is wooded, full of lakes and has quite a motorcycle museum. Think the scenes from “Girl with the Dragon Tatttoo” zipping around country roads on bikes. My grandfather, Charles Fredrickson, son of Frederick Olson, was baptized in the tiny church in Eds, Sweden. You might find the cities of Oslo and Stockholm and the area between on interest…

  3. If you make it to Stockholm see if the restaurant “2 Plan” is still there. Jen and I enjoyed it on our visit. But be careful . . . The walls are listening!

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