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Moving faster through Europe now, not sure if ill have time for daily updates. I’ve been in Barcelona since Tuesday, and am now in the airport to head for Rome.

On Tuesday, I arrived here early enough that I was able to take in a little bit before calling it a day. I went out and found a local SIM card for my phone, got dinner and a beer, and walked around the neighborhood a bit. Went back to the flat and did some research about what’s nearby worth seeing.

Wednesday I went to the Aqua Bliss foot spa to be nibbled on by the doctor fish, which was an interesting new experience covered in a previous post. After the spa, I tried to find the Gothic Quarter but instead found La Sagrada Familia, a massive church decorated by Gaudi. I didn’t realize just HOW huge it was until I saw it from the top of a hill on Friday, to see it standing out above much of the city. Unfortunately, by the time I got there they were no longer letting people in, so I never got to see the inside.

Thursday I successfully found the Gothic Quarter, visited the Picasso museum and the Wooly Mammoth museum. Both were tucked away down narrow, twisty streets where no cars could go, so you couldn’t just drive by these places, you either had to walk by or actively seek them out. I sought the first museum, found the second by chance. Picasso was a much more interesting and prolific artist than I had previously realized. It was interesting to see his changes in style as the years went on. As for the mammoth museum, they had a real life-size skeleton of a wooly mammoth there. Too bad these creatures no longer walk the earth.

Thursday evening I found a pub quiz nearby that was presented in English and Spanish. I joined a team of local regulars who only spoke a little English, but we had fun and managed the language barrier and quiz pretty well.

Friday I decided to head down the main road the other direction and found the Arena, which was just a shopping mall made to look like an arena. I went up to the roof where they had a good view of the city, saw a museum that looked like a palace, and decided to walk over. It was too late in the day to be worth buying a museum ticket (1 hour would have been insufficient and not a good value), but at 9pm there was a big lights and music fountain show that was totally worth sticking around to watch.

Time to go find my plane!

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