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Today I hopped on a tour bus managed by Timberbush Tours which visited the West Highland Lochs, Mountains & Castles.

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Today’s fast food is brought to you by Harry Ramsden’s Famous Fish and Chips. The fish is gigantic, the drink is miniscule, and it’s all tipped with cheese. Sorry I couldn’t find McHaggis…

It’s all pretty good, average fish and chips, but the cheese makes it a little soggy, I think. 5/10 might try again.


Didn’t do a whole lot today, I’m afraid.  Went and got a shave and a haircut, walked around the Princes St. gardens, visited a couple pubs, and went to see the latest Simon Pegg/Nicholas Frost/Edgar Wright movie “The World’s End” with my flatmates.  But figured I’d at least post the photos I took, including a statue of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Yesterday (got in too late to write this up), I went to the National Museum of Scotland, the Scotch Whiskey Experience, and Edinburgh Castle.  Found a couple of other things along the way.

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