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Category Archives: Stockholm

So I’ve realized that I’m a few days behind here…  I visited the modern art museum, the Norse museum, the museum of art and design…

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I thought today instead of regular fast food, I’d hit up a pizza joint. I ordered a slice of margherita pizza, and got what’s pictured. It’s greasy, cheesy, no sign of tomatoes or basil, and tasty nonetheless.


I was craving something crappy (probably due to my American diet) and this fulfilled that need.

I know a lot of these posts seem to be “and then I wandered”, but really, that’s kinda my M.O. for how I’m handling this trip.  I pick a place, pick a direction, and see what I can find that looks interesting.  If I don’t find anything, then I go somewhere else and try again, or I consult my pants computer to see if IT knows of anything interesting nearby.

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