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Somewhere in my travels in Hong Kong, most likely the night I arrived, our brave Butterbeer made a daring escape from my backpack pocket. He will likely never be seen again, and I wish him good luck in his new life and hope he makes someone happy.

Butterbeer, we hardly knew ye.

All right,  Darne. Here’s the first Foreign Fast Food Friday installment. Today we get KFC,  from Mitaka Ward,  outside of Tokyo.
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Sitting comfortably in the San Francisco airport, I am either ready or I am too late. I’ve packed, un packed, re-packed, and done it all over again. I had three false starts getting out the door this morning with that “one last thing” that I remembered. I got dropped off by some of my favorite people and will miss all my friends and family very much. But the time will fly by. I’ll be home before I know it. 83 days only SOUNDS like a long time, but in the grander scope of a lifetime, it’s really very brief. I’m glad to be doing this now in my life, when I have support to fall back on if things go sideways.

I can’t wait to get out there into the big scary world. And find that it might not be quite so scary.


Even Butterbeer is strapped in and ready to go!

Meet Butterbeer. Coworkers suggested that I bring him along for portraits wherever we go,  and I’m going along with it.


By this time,  two weeks from today,  I will be in a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean.

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